She’s like a fish in water on stage.
— William Taylor

Kaitlyn began studying music at the age of 7, first with piano. Her piano teacher allowed her to create her own compositions and even sing at piano recitals. This is where Kaitlyn fostered her love for music and especially her love for creating. She then went on to study the violin in elementary school while also adding clarinet into the mix at the age of 12. She played both instruments through high school and even managed to play first chair clarinet at her high school graduation.

During her high school years, Kaitlyn began taking classical voice lessons. Her teacher, Winifred Hartman, showed serious interest in advancing her singing skills and challenging her to audition for collegiate classical voice programs. Kaitlyn then auditioned for USC, Berklee College of Music, Belmont College, and Indiana University. She was accepted into Belmont first and committed, little did she know that 2 months later she would be accepted into one of the world's finest music schools, the "Jacobs School of Music" at Indiana University with a scholarship. She ended up turning down her


opportunity to study at Belmont and take her scholarship at IU. This is truly where her music career began.

After 2 years of training rigorously studying classical voice,  Kaitlyn decided her curiosity for jazz had to be hacked. She changed her major to jazz studies under the direction of Dr. Steven Zegree. Zegree gave her forewarning, "This will be the hardest you'll ever work. Are you ready for that?" Kaitlyn with complete confidence said yes.

After another 3 years studying jazz at IU, Kaitlyn graduated and received a Downbeat award for best Soloist at the Undergraduate level. This was a very special way for Kaitlyn to begin her professional career in music.

Since, Kaitlyn has performed in some of Colorado's premier venues including Red Rocks Amphitheater, The First Bank Center, Chautauqua Auditorium, and many more. Her career has only just begun so please watch out for the amazing music she will create.